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Three Days to The Beginning

My Scholarship entry - Faith

Spain | Monday, 24 November 2014 | 5 photos

Faith, to believe in something, seems so simple a concept. We can believe in science or God or Santa. As children we are filled with a innocence that allows us to believe all things with an open mind, but as we age we become more closed off to new ideas and beliefs. Yet, even as we close ourselves off, many still hold tight to the faith they had as children. I have been to many countries in the last year and one thing they all hold in common is that they are filled with places of worship. I have gone to these churches and cathedrals and synagogues and even partaken in their services. However, of all of the churches I have been to in the last year, there has only been one that did not request a fee to enter. When you sit through a service they collect dues or offerings or indulgences. Faith has become a business, however that new aspect of belief has not dampened the faith of the masses. As a whole we still gather at these places of worship to listen, to reflect, to believe. Our true belief, however, is shown not in these temples and mosques, but in our lives outside of these buildings. It is this: that hopefully, through our faith, we will lead happier, more prosperous lives.

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