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About castawa_ycastie


High on people-skill..

I SPEAK A LOT AND EAT A LOT (both to do with the mouth).. .
An intense thinker but a poor listener!
A die hard GoT fan.. which it was reality and I were living in it..(chuckles)..

I love good food and soulful poetry..

Fav. pass-time : sipping green tea and engaging in an intelligent conversation.
Hobbies: YOGA (not a regular, hence developing a pot belly :P ), COOKING ( one who eats must know how to cook)

I dream to have my own lifestyle brand one day.. (all life style products and services under one tab... say like the LOUVRE of good living...)
To go and party on all the exotic and enigmatic energies that are safe-housed in Eastern Europe (winks..winks..) once every year!


A photo-traveler (seasoned) at heart and an Architect ( very fresh one..!) by the ways of life...

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