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The excitement is not always about the destination but the adventure of how you get there!

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My name is Carole and I come from Papua New Guinea.  For anyone who want to experience a unique, never-before experience - come to Papua New Guinea. It is known as ' The land of the Unexpected'.

Yes expect the unexpected :D

But we are really fun, loving caring and always excited about visitors to our side of the world.

I travel? yes from home to work, or to the school to pick up kids.

Plane - seldome these days - but when in a full time job - I was travelling quite a bit , domestic.

International - very seldom - but read my 1st post - about my daring trip.

Oh there was another domestic trip I did - my 2nd unknown adventure - will add to my journal one day.

I love taking photos, am not a pro, and I don't own my own camera, or even a Canon or anything - but I love pictures, scenery, trying out new things to an extent - and well would love to see the other side of the world - someday!

I love writing - find that's how I can release thoughts and sometimes when no one wants to listen to you or has no time to - you find that they have heaps of time on social media reading what you wanted to tell them :D so yeh that's a bit about me. Oh I love computers, gadgets and the internet - my next best friend.

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