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About carmenmateos

Since I remember I've been always dreaming about traveling around the world. I've studied photography and journalism in order to achieve that dream. Nevertheless it is hard to get it, I've managed to travel as much as I can and document what I see through my lens.
I am an enthusiastic person, always ready to join in an adventure or create it. I think I am the right person to be chosen because I am always ready to learn and get to know more about why, what, where, how and who is surrounding us.
I've always thought that work in a different environment is somehow the best way to develope yourself personally and professionaly in order to achieve goals in your life while meeting new people, new places, enriching your culture and learning through the process. Furthermore, participate in this project will provides me of a huge opportunity of enrich my knowledge about travel photography in which I am a simple amateur trying to do my best shoot, also it will give me the chance of having international exposure, working experience and multicultural perspective.

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