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My Photo Scholarship 2011 entry

Australia | Tuesday, 8 November 2011 | 5 photos

The more I travel the more I learn about myself, the people and culture of the land in which I roam. I love nothing more to get away from the tourist areas and spend time with locals absorbing their essence and promote that through my visual images.
My Mozambique set on flickr – although the set is in no way complete - indicated this. My current sojourn in Phuket is only beginning and I am embarking on outings with locals to show me the back street of their town.
Although travelling with my second hand 5D is cumbersome it goes wherever I go. That, and the ND and IR filters, a tripod or two and numerous batteries, cards and hard drives. I tend to carry more photography equipment than clothes! Now that’s saying something about my passion for interacting visually!
I am 18months new to truly learning all about the essence of photography. Sure I’ve been clicking away for the last 27years but I didn’t understand why I took good images. Through devouring copious books, magazines, websites, workshops, excursions, camera club competitions and following a photo a day I have come very far from my humble beginnings of May 2010.
But my journey is not complete, nor will it be until the day I stop looking at the world through a viewfinder or until my eyesight is slight. I aim to be a great chronicler of people, places, scenes and natural objects of desire. I give thanks for my eyesight and want to share that beauty with others. I cannot paint nor draw and have found this as my visually creative outlet. So much so that I have engaged my students in the process and watched them grow with it. For that I give thanks.
Although there is a big picture I love hanging around or getting up close and personal with my subject as this portfolio shows.
I will NEVER stop learning!

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