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Global Snapshots Recipient of the inaugural World Nomads Travel Photography Scholarship is let loose in Australia's top end...

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Photo courtesy Yothu Yindi Foundation/Cameron Herweynen.

Photo courtesy Yothu Yindi Foundation/Cameron Herweynen.

My journey takes me to Gulkula, situated in far north-eastern Arnhemland, the ancient homelands of Yolngu culture.

I’m going for the Garma Festival, a celebration of Yolngu culture and traditions, which is now in its 9th year. Garma is the unifying of Yolngu clan groups for the bungul (dancing) and yidaki (didgeridu), inviting indigenous and non-indigenous people to share in the celebration from around Australia and the world. It’s a cultural exchange nurturing and preserving Yolngu culture, sharing it with the world, keeping their law, their way of life, for future generations.

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