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Jenny's Journey: From family farm to exotic travels

The Braunery: long days, hard work & beautiful sights on my family farm.

USA | Wednesday, 29 May 2013 | 5 photos

I'm Jenny Braun from Hampton, MN USA. I am an an avid world traveler and to date have visited 22 countries. From spending the night with a Bedouin Community in the Sahara Desert to manta ray night diving in the Pacific Ocean I love to explore new places! I like to get out and 'experience' a country, typically renting a car and driving as I am not into tour groups or cruise ships. By driving you experience the real places and people, not just the tourist traps! You also can go at your own place and adjust your itinerary with ease.

Back at home I live and work on my family farm and always carry my camera with me! I catch some amazing images of everyday life on the farm, weather it be family, equipment or weather. So I have selected some of my favorite photos from life on the farm as my entry.

Greenland is a place I've always wanted to visit, but unfortunately have not made it to yet. Having the opportunity to explore it with a seasoned crew of photographers would be the experience of a lifetime! Being from the farm, long work days are nothing new to me. I am physically fit, eager to learn, easy going and have my passport ready if selected :)

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