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My Photo scholarship 2011 entry

USA | Thursday, 3 November 2011 | 5 photos

These 5 photos were taken during a family trip to the USA, which included NYC, Niagara Falls, Seattle, Yellowstone Park and Chicago. I have chosen to pick Idaho because it's a less well know travel destination, it was the reason why we embarked on this trip and it was an absolute delightful surprise for us. I hope that the pictures I have chosen show the raw beauty and the sheer vastness of this State but by no means do any justice to describe the variety of its landscapes. In fact I have reluctantly removed one picture from the Craters of the Moon National Monument for pure aesthetic reasons; however by doing so, I felt I have partially compromised my purpose to accurately describe the "identity" of this amazing State.
There is no particular story to be told, apart from my effort to concisely convey the sense of complete bewilderment and awe that pioneers must have felt when they first discovered this land and their subsequent struggle to tame its wilderness. Rodeos in my mind are a cathartic ritual and living metaphor of the eternal struggle between men and nature. Here nature was eventually conquered by the human spirit. In this respect, Idaho to me epitomises the authentic American spirit.
I am an amateur photographer whose love for photography was spearheaded by my first trip to the USA in 1986. Since then I have often associated my passion for travelling with my passion for photography. Strangely the USA are a catalyst for this passion as after the Idaho trip, I decided to join a photography course in London to deepen my knowledge. My ambition IS to shoot for National Geographic, so this opportunity is too good to be true and to be missed! I also travel to South Africa regularly and it is another amazing wild country to shoot. I am thrilled to participate!

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