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Bun and Boots

Down But Not Out on Fraser Island

AUSTRALIA | Thursday, 15 July 2010 | Views [739] | Comments [3]

And then there was rain, lots and lots of it. 

Oh, as well as lots and heaps and loads of nonstop rain.  As it turns out Fraser Island has nothing to do with the sitcom or the sun.  Our first clue should have been taking the ferry over early in the morning from Pervy/Scurvy/Hervey (Harvey)Bay when the sky was filled with dark threatening clouds foreshadowing the next 3 days.  We have been told by numerous Aussies that the winter is some of the most desirable weather in Northern Queensland.  Turns out, we are experiencing the worst winter Fraser Island has seen in years.  However, the saving grace of the trip was our Cool Dingo tour group and amazing tour guide, Hayden.  Great guy... obnoxious laugh. 

We arrived at Fraser Island and boarded a stinky 4x4 tour bus that immediately felt like we were on the Star Tours ride at Disneyland.  Imagine Star Tours for 10 hours straight for 3 days.  Buckle up and get ready to pee your pants laughing over each sand dune.  We knew Hayden was a gem when he introduced himself as an idiot and used the phrase "alrighty-o".  Not to mention his incredible taste in music that he blared for all to enjoy (3 Doors Down, Matchbox 20, Creed....you know our faves).  Our base camp was pretty luxurious with dorm rooms, hot showers, cooked meals, a lovely lounge area, and a Cool Dingo bar.  This is key as most tourists coming to the island camp in tents, get attacked by dingoes, and have to cook all their own meals.  Imagine doing that during a 3 day downpour.  NO THANK YOU. 

Fraser Island is the world's largest sand island with rainforest and fresh lakes on the island.  It is a UNESCO site and an outdoor person's paradise.  Our 3 days on the island consisted of crystal clear blue freshwater lakes, rainforest walks, a fake snake planted to scare Bunny (nice one Hayden!), sand dunes, off roading 40 miles up and down the beach to visit a shipwreck, spot some whales and dingoes, dip our toes in the Champagne pools, and be caked in sand 24/7. In case we did not mention it there was also sand and rain and sandy rain and NO SUN FOR 3 days.  It was still a gorgeous and breathtaking island and well worth the trip, but it was hard for us to get super excited when we knew the potential beauty had the sun been shining for even 1 moment. We are still covered in sand. 

The highlight was definitely our new Cool Dingo crew.  Everyone was in great spirits minus the weather setback and we all enjoyed Hayden's ceaseless island commentary (self proclaimed Mr. fun facts 5,000) and terrible, corny jokes.  Things picked up on day 3 when Bunny sat shotgun next to Hayden and played her ipod... let this also be known this was the last time the ipod would work.  The final song of the tour was Milli Vanilli's "Blame It On the Rain".  PRICELESS!!! 

Although the weather was crappy, it was impossible not to see the natural beauty and wonder of Fraser Island.  It also did not keep us crazy Cool Dingoes from having an all night dance party at the Cool Dingo bar and finally experiencing the legendary Goon (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plonk_(wine)). It was sad to bid a Cool Dingoes farewell as we all felt we had survived the longest Star Tours adventure ride ever, but we needed to thaw out. 

Ironically, the day before Fraser Island and the day after we returned were SUNNY without a cloud in the sky.  We could not believe our luck, but we were heading north to follow the sun to a town that is literally called 1770.  1770 was BAD TO THE BONE.  Picture this: Willie Nelson headbands, fake tats, red lipstick, killer shades, flamed leather jackets, and the wind in our hair as we cruise along the highway in scooters that resemble Harleys.  We were born to be wild as you all know and we could finally live it out on the open road.  And also on the wrong side of the road.  It is surprising we survived with these factors, especially since neither of us had ever ridden a motorbike before and were pretty nervous at first.  Those bikes are beasts, but we mandhandled them with mad style.  Bun and Boots started at the back of the pack dead last in a group of 50+ riders (few females) and when given the green light to pass other bikers we cruised straight to the front.  It was especially fun passing all of the "bad ass" dudes and giving them the death stare.  WE LOVED IT--PICS TO COME!! 

Good kharma was back in our lives as we approached 1770.  We were immediately greeted with glorious sunshine, long relaxing days at the beach and pool, and best of all an incredible night of stargazing the milky way in all it's glory (we have NEVER in our lives seen the galaxy with our bare eyes up close and personal like this).  It took our breath away and was a truly magical moment. 

We are now in Airlie Beach (prnounced EARLY) via an overnight Greyhound Bus consisting of a terrible British film, oodles of snores, two Brits in front of us eating tuna casserole at all ours of the night--great dinner choice, guys!  Airlie beach is even warmer than 1770 and has the best night life and mix of people we have come across thus far.  We are ecstatic to set sail tomorrow on the Whitsundays aboard the Summertime ship for 3 days/2 nights.  We hope this sailing group will be as fab as our Fraser fiasco friends--which will be stiff competition--and that this trip brings us plenty more fun in the sun as well.

Off we go with our matching sailor hats...


Bun n' Boots




A) a fake snake planted to scare bunny.

B) "...passing all of the "bad ass" dudes and giving them the death stare." (TITS!)

C.) Milky Way "
And it's something quite peculiar
Something shimmering and white
Leads you here despite your destination
Under the Milky Way tonight...(sorry had to do it)

D)"two Brits in front of us eating tuna casserole at all ours of the night-" (AMAHZING!)

E) 1770 sounds rad and so did Fraser Island despite the weather!

Love you both and so happy to hear what a great time you're having!!! LOTS-o-LUB!!



  midge Jul 24, 2010 10:21 AM


oh my god, i didnt know that u are such an outstanding, amazing writer! ;)

its funny, even if i probably dont get whats sarcasm and what not...
where is the next story about us?

  julian Jul 29, 2010 12:38 PM


wow...the fun just never stops with you too. Glad all is going well...you are seeing a lot of beautiful country...keep us all up to date.

  jan Aug 4, 2010 12:44 AM

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