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Journey to Zimbabwe

USA | Monday, 13 March 2017 | Views [546]

Journey to Zimbabwe

Journey to Zimbabwe

In less than three months, I embark on an epic two-week journey that will take me to the land of Zimbabwe.  I have paid my deposits, am in the process of paying for my trip, booking my flight, and purchasing travel insurance.  Things are in motion and don't seem real...yet. 

I don't know much about the country (Zimbabwe) as a whole, but I'm doing my research and asking burning questions that come to my mind as they arise.  Some days I'm overly excited about the trip and other days I enter a minor state of panic, realizing I will be making this trip with nobody else around.  I'll be traversing through foreign airports and interacting with people that speak a different language.  The beauty of this all is that it makes me feel uncomfortable and I like that.  As I've learned over the years, if it doesn't make you feel uncomfortable, then it probably isn't allowing you to grow in a way that's conducive to positive change.

It's true, I could sit on the couch all day and relax while propping my feet up in between classes, reading, projects, work, and personal endeavors but then I would be wasting my time.  We are only given one life to live, with SO many doors of opportunities being opened for us to walk through, but much off the time we shut those doors and lock them or enter the dark passageway only to exit moments later.  Why?  Because of fear.  Fear of change, of something different and unfamiliar, of being denied or shunned, or maybe because we enjoy our bubble and wouldn't dare take the risk of losing what we have.  Maybe we do have a lot to lose...but we also have a lot to GAIN, and that risk is worth taking!

I will be volunteering in unfamiliar territory.  Or is it?  I will be surrounded by like-minded people with common desires and passions, focusing on health care, community teaching, conservation and environmental protection, and adventure.  While the land may be filled with uncertainty, the people around me will fill that void of desolation.  Oh, how the curiosity to explore, travel, and learn about the unknown encapsulates me.  A mission of uncovering what lies ahead with the hope of positively changing the lives and world around me through small actions.  My loving spirit of helping others and fighting for what is right is only the beginning flicker of a fire that is just starting.  A fire I intend on fueling for as long as I can.

Take this journey with me as I begin the process.  Soak in the writings, transport yourself through the photos. and help me create change where it is needed.  Stay tuned for an intro video coming soon!

If you'd like to contribute to my trip, be sure to follow my links at https://www.gofundme.com/AFZimbabwe and https://www.volunteerforever.com/volunteer_profile/bryant and drop a donation.  I will be posting regular updates before, during, and after my trip on my website www.quintessentialsoflife.com.  Thanks for all your support, well-wishes, and prayers!


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