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No Ordinary Journey I'm travelling and using my photography to make a difference in peoples lives.

About brusca

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Bruce Levick or Brusca to most of my friends and family. I have been a creative free thinker my entire adult life, mostly working in an online capacity delivering websites and product solutions for various clients. I’ve always found myself being drawn to push the bubble of creation when it comes to providing websites and entertaining website visitors. My online journey started around 1997 and from as early as 2000 I was publishing videos for clients online through various plugins and was always finding new ways to create engaging content. In recent years I have switched more to the production of content, photographing, filming and producing short episodic videos of animal rescues, conservation initiatives in Cambodia and various other video productions for web consumption. It is during these recent years that I have been rethinking my whole perspective on life. I’m guessing that happens a lot with people at my age, aptly named a “mid life crisis”. But when you use that term you commonly associate that with spending money, buying a new car or a boat, generally a really expensive item to help ease the mind of impending old age. For me it’s quite the opposite. My “mid life crisis” isn’t about the expensive cars, the high paying jobs, investment in a house that ultimately leads to a financial burden that no single person should be under... read more