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A 'place' I have visited

My Scholarship entry - A 'place' I have visited

Costa Rica | Monday, 8 July 2013 | 4 photos

My name is Brandon and I’m not that typical guy who says that has loved photography his whole life but one day I landed into photography and I felt in love with it.

I found myself looking at photos and I got amazed of what people could do and say in a little image, then I said:I want to do that;thats why I love photography, not only because of what I can make other people see in a photo but because of what I can say in it.

I started learning how I could create a photo as when a musician learns how to write a song.I used to look for information online, reading everything I found, even when I had no camera to practice with.Thats how deep my passion has been!

I see everything from a new perspective knowing that every photo I take is a new beginning to something bigger;to improve the prior one I took, to reach everybody’s heart and to find myself in every shot.

I hope to gain from the experience a new point of view of the world around me, to learn as much as I can and see how my photos will be improved.

As part of my contribution to the greater community is to show the way other people live and how life is around the world, to make people see that we all live in the same place called Earth.

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