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Pure Imagination

About bornbeforethewind

Hello, my name is Laura and I have themed my entry based around Gene Wilder’s original version of Pure Imagination.  This song not only expresses the story I wish to tell through these specific photographs, but essentially my mantra on life. I believe that the world is my (and your) oyster and that all one needs to do to make it an exquisitely beautiful place is look inside themselves, use a little imagination, and give it back to world. We are all on a journey to find magnificence in life, and my personal way of understanding and sharing what I have discovered is through capturing moments of pure truth on film. Through my photographs, I try to help people be mindful of the beauty which exists on the planet, and this is one of the many reasons I am “holding my breath, making a wish, counting to three” and hoping you will select me for this scholarship.  

I have a long and intimate relationship with photography, and throughout our ten year connection I have perfected our bond through not only photography classes but fine art classes as well. I must say however, that the love of my life is none other than travel. It has given me the gift of making the world feel simultaneously bigger and smaller with every kiss we exchange. I have an insatiable addiction to traveling because I feel as though it not only allows me to feel like a citizen of the world, but it helps me to see inside my soul and pull out only the best parts of myself. I hope that you will consider me for this opportunity, I promise to bring, and give to your company, only truth, goodness, and a whole lot of effort.

Love and Light

Laura Sniderman

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