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Pebbles from the Dreamscapes

About bohemienne

Every new place I visit, I want to know its vibe- how it gels with me and how I can groove with it. I see its many layers- cultures crisscrossing economies, and kindness softening the harsh realities of life. I see hands moulding passions and street walks crowding ideals.

People, to me, are embodied stories, full of nuance. I am overcome by the urge to know them. I talk. And they talk more. Their ordinary is my fascination. These conversations reveal to me not just the place and their lives, but the deepest rivets of my own psyche.

Travel, to me, is magic. Writing, to me, is poetry. Both traverse vast spaces and cut through the banality of modern life. I will always remember teaching Indian music to French jazz players in Lisboa, learning to make a fire on the beach in the Keys and navigating icy roads in Ladakh.

Since I was little, I have travelled. So I now appreciate the merits of routine. But I crave that suspended state of absorption that washes over me when I am on the move, where all learning is possible, perfect. Where my unique roots and perspective can, in turn, create little bubbles of joy in the most unexpected places and hearts. The way education really ought to be.



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