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Bec goes wandering

Komodo Island

INDONESIA | Thursday, 15 November 2012 | Views [1155] | Comments [5]

Komodo island

Finally I cross this off my bucket list.

I get to see Komodo dragons in the wild.

I dont know why I want to do this, Im not a lizard or snake person at all. But something about these dinosaur like creatures has always captured my imagination.

We Anchor away from Komodo Island and tender to the little wooden jetty on the island.



Rather than a ships Shore-Ex I have arranged a private tour for a group of us with a local guy Jeffry.

I must say I am nervous, not about the dragons but that Jeffry is there and the tour works out. Sometimetimes you do worry about thing booked sight-unseen over the net.


WE get off the tender and all start laughing, there is Jeffry and his staff holding a huge sign with my full name on it. I guess he is here then.. HAA haa .

He takes any bags with snorkelling gear, towls etc and puts them safely away so we dont have to hike with them.

Introductions to his staff, the ranger etc, instuctions and safety warnings and we are off.

Komodo have a great sence of smell and can smell blood for 10 km, so none is allowed on island with an open cut, or women with their perioids.  

EVERYONE has to stay close to the rangers!

Out of the 4,000 komodos left in the wild, almost 4/5 of them reside on Komodo island.

The ranger station is the landing point to start the walking trails on Komodo island to see komodo dragons. Park rangers always carry a Y-shaped wooden stick use to fend off aggressive komodos. (yep just a stick, to fend off things they make documentaries about called DEADLY 60 etc)

Komodo National Park is located just below the equator.  is is very hot there when it isnt raining

First we see deer, I was quite surprised to see a few wild deer. Komodo’s favourite food is deer.

Then we spotted a Komodo, is blends in with fallen trees and leaf litter that you could have almost walked on him without noticing, the ranger said that is one way they get food, it comes to them so they dont have to spend so much energy chasing it.

We relcutantly walked away after 5 minutes in search of "bigger, better" dragons  and sure enough 10 munites later there were two huge ones walking through the bushes.

We were standing around, watching the komodos moving around us and taking photos of these mean-looking reptiles.

I laid on the ground to get a close-up photo at his height and the ranger grabbed me and said get up slowly, its looking at you flicking its tongue, it senses food.