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Ssssssssspringbrook National Park

AUSTRALIA | Thursday, 19 June 2008 | Views [22047] | Comments [2]

While walking through a dense sub-tropical rainforest:


Nora: I wonder how many snakes are in this park.

Kelly: Don’t be silly. It’s winter. They’re all hiding. I think they're hibernating.

Nora: Hibernating? Do snakes hibernate?

Kelly: Not sure. But if they don’t hibernate, they certainly hide in holes somewhere.

Nora: You know, Australia is home to the largest number of poisonous and venomous and generally deadly animals by an exponential amount.

Kelly: Yeah, but they are all scared of us. And they’re way off in the Australian bush somewhere, not here in the middle of it all.

Nora: Kel. We are at least 50kms from the nearest real town which is still only home to a few hundred people. And we’re 4kms from the bloody parking lot, which was empty when we came! We’re not exactly in a hub of urban life here. A hub of snakes, perhaps.

Kelly: But it’s winter. The snakes are slow and dopey. They won’t even have the energy to attack. Besides which, they’re not here.

Nora: Why aren’t they here? Snakes like to hang out specifically on paths like these, so they can sun themselves. A startled dopey snake in the middle of our way doesn’t seem like a good thing.

Kelly: Don’t worry. We won’t see any snakes.




Kelly: I don’t have much experience with snakes.

Nora: Great. That makes me feel better. How are you supposed to save me if you don’t know what to do?! Gaaaawd. I tell you, if I didn’t – Woah.


(Nora comes to dead halt, Kelly crashes into her)


Kelly: What?

Nora: Snake.

Kelly: Yeah, sure –

Nora: No really. In front of us.


Sure enough, a green snake about one meter in length slithered off the path directly in front of us, eyeing us and sticking its tongue out at us the whole way.


And so began our two days of hikes and camping in Springbrook National Park. It was wonderful to get out of the city and its traffic, and into the bush for some hiking (something we hadn’t done since Hawaii) – a time which seems like eons ago what with helping Burma and Dengue Fever domineering our Asian adventures.


We were in a high-altitude temperate rainforest environment for most of the journey. The miles and miles of incredibly windy roads would make my friends who still ride motorcycles drool and shake. Roads, which seem to meander forever and can’t possibly lead to anywhere, but which spill out periodically into towns and cities. These winding meccas are actually main roads and access routes.


The region, about 100kms south-west of Brisbane, is home to one of many little national parks that line the inside of the east coast of Australia. Here, huge walls of granite (we are eagerly awaiting a chance to go rock climbing) line little mountains (as high as 1,000 meters) enveloped in cool-temperate rainforest. In the middle of it all: a huge volcanic caldera from an eruption 23 million years ago, filled with ancient Antarctic beech trees.


Due to flood damage remaining from a storm in January, many walking trails were closed. But we still had lots to choose from – most of them ending in gloriously high waterfalls – and decided to stick around for two nights. Too bad the campground was almost intolerably windy and freaking cold.


Ah well – at least the cold weather was sure to make the snakes dopey. Because after spotting our rather large slithering friend on the first hike, we had our eyes peeled for more. Every branch, every tree root (and there were many), could have been a snake for a while. The walking was slow.

But eventually, we managed to push on and pick up the tempo. Dopey snakes or not, the scenery at Springbrook National Park was too beautiful to pass up.

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Where did you go to take these pictures? and I think that these pictures are so awsome!

  Kada Feb 19, 2009 3:22 AM


heyy dat pic at dah top iz dajh bommmmmmmmm i like dat thang dnt u......

  gueline Apr 28, 2011 11:07 PM



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