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travel cravings

About blesstravo

Few words - Weirdo, Initiator, Explorer, Traveller, Entertainer, Talkative - yet an Efficient Listener, Friendly, Irritating at times, Lecturer, Foodie..but I am a good cook as well! I enjoy painting and writing - anything beginning from a poor joke to quotes, essays, poetry & songs.

I am born for entertainment. Living my life in bliss with family. Thus, always prepared for hardships and struggle and Traveling is my birth right as per my friends and family. I totaly believe in, "To live is to Travel". Thankfully almighty keeps giving me chance to explore and live my life throughly. 

I also believe in Learning, whenever and from wherever it's possible.

Exporing is my favourite word, weather its related to me or the outside word.

Dedication is what resides in me for any sort of thing, I undertake. 

I am the one with whom you can share your deepest secrets, sorrows and totaly have a gala time. :)