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Travels 2010 My travels for 2010

About beno

My trip is planned as follows:

New Zealand tour around North Island 18th June - 01 July

Fly to Los Angeles (01 July) and then drive to Vegas (3rd - 10th July)

Drive back to LA for flight to Toronto; hire car and tour Canada, week in remote Cabin (11th July - 29th July)

Fly to Miami catching up with Mr Polley (29th July - 4th Aug)

Fly to UK then to Sweden (Stockholm, Vicay, Lulea; catching up with Frida) (5th - 12th Aug)

Fly to France Bergerac, catch up with my parents (13th Aug - 10th Sept)

Fly to Lima, Cuzco 7 day school volunteer program (12- 18 Sept)

Fly to Santiago, overland trip to Buenos Aires (22 Sept - 06 Oct)

Fly to Lima, Cuzco 13 day Peru tour including Incan trail, Machu Picchu (7 Oct - 19 Oct)

Fly to Easter Island, 4 day tour (21 - 24th Oct)

Fly to London (25th Oct - 2 Nov)

Fly to Nairobi (2nd Nov - finalising dates); climb Kilamanjaro, Safari

Fly to Mauritius for a week.

Return to HK....

My Travel Map: