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At sea with Eoin

Australia | Sunday, 23 November 2014 | 5 photos

I want to document the work and results of aid and development organisations.
The self actualised western world is driving unprecedented growth in voluntary aid, donations and social enterprise. However, It is such a badly represented subject photographically; Classrooms full of children, farmers hands, big smiles and tragic tears. There is so much potential to bring more story and understanding out of the thousands of existing projects around the world.

For the past two years I’ve voluntarily documented the work of the Human Elephant Learning Programs (HELP). They’re improving the welfare of forestry elephants & ranger-mahouts in Assam & Kerala. I had several stories for submission, but after the meet your mentor videos, I reviewed my work and found it wasn’t acceptable. Tough to swallow, but lesson 1 has already been learnt.
I turned to film and started afresh.

I’ve traveled, learnt a few languages, finished a degree, had a lot of jobs. Volunteering for a magazine I was given the opportunity to interview IV Agency photographer Ashley Gilbertson. Talking with Ashley I realised that I too had it in me to become a specialised photojournalist.
I’m ready to take this very seriously.

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