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My Photo scholarship 2010 entry

Turkey | Saturday, 16 October 2010 | 5 photos

Dear friends,
My name is marianna bollano and I am 25 years old. I live in Athens, Greece and my dreamjob would be travelling and making fotography.
I found my Zenith in a secong hand shop in the center of Athens. I carry ''her'' wit me almost always, with my small pentax as well, until I get a DSLR.
I love the quality of film and the essense of something old. I am very attached with my fotos as they represent my memories and portions of life I choose to point out.
I wish I could show pictures of Cuba or Cambodia or Timor but I didn'd have the chance to travel so far, since my economic background didn't allow it. I will try though in the future.

I will share with you images of Istanbul/Costantinopolis, the historic center of the classical Byzantine(395-1204 & 1261-1453), Latin(1204-1261), Roman Empire and Ottoman Empire(1453-1922). Multicultural metropolitan city, combining east and west, civilization and religion, beautiful architecture and images. Each corner has a diferent story to tell and each district seems like a diferent city.
About 17.000.000 people live in this city.

It was really hard for me to pick just one place and just 5 pictures. I would like to pick my favourite 5 and name that place dreamland but it would be a very long distance trip.

Istanbul or Costantinopole, one of the cities that suffered in history.