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When I went to see the World

About belife

I always knew that I was born to realy live. This is my time in earth, I must do it the best way i have: Travelling.

Every human being have the necessity of leaving an impression in the world, whatever if trough religion, politic or art. Art. That was what I choose, and so I became.. a Dancer. I did that becouse it's one of the best ways to travel and work, it's fantastic to go from city to city showing my art. And it also leaves me with the perfect fitness for hiking and suporting long trips, that's what I love doing.

I always take my camera with me, so I can do my alternative art, that I love the same way but I don't earn money with it.

But a while ago I started thinking that everybody looks at my facebook travel pictures and say that they are great, so why not make it a way of living? Suddenly WorldNomads apeared and left me my chance. I need it, I've already traveled in south america, wich I can do by taking rides and without money, but I can't go to Africa or Europe like that. I can get this chance and work to NatGeo, so that I'll learn everything I need to work with you, grown myself and do whatever I can do to grow NatGeo with me.

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