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Tom and Bex's - World Travels We are off to South America, New Zealand, Australia, Thailand,Laos and Burma!

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Tom and I met 2 years ago in Sydney, Australia. We both were travelling, often in different directions! As the months rolled by we would strive to capture wonderful moments together and then we fell in love, we still maintain our independent streaks but now our lives are intimately linked. Of the many things we share, travel is something that really binds us. We are great companions and share a thirst for new adventure!

Tom and I are embarking on a round the world trip. We begin our travels in South America, then onward to New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, Laos, Burma and then back to good old blighty! Avid travellers at heart, we love adventure! Tom is very good at all the logical things, like map reading and working out street systems, I'm rather pleased he has that all in hand because I frequently walk in the wrong direction!

I like to write...to reflect upon the beauty, because when u choose to look for it, there is beauty in every walk of life.

 We enjoy spontaneity and hope that our travels lead us to meet interesting people and wonder at new and incredible sights. Keep up with us as we embark on a new adventure together!