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To dive in a dark cave

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Me with snow

Me with snow

From every place, I keep some stories, tastes, smells and images. I keep the crunchy taste of grasshoppers’ legs in Oaxaca; the stairs, towards the sky, without an end in the surrealist castle in Xilitla; the slimy pulque (a drink made of agave) and the salty tepezcuintle (a rat from Mesoamerican times) in Mexico City; the smoke surrounding the naked women in the old Medina’s hammam in Marrakech; hearing singers’ hurtful voices, drinking sweet raki, and getting lost watching the speed of the quick ships sailing over the Bosporus river in Istanbul; driving from Guatemala city until San José in Costa Rica, hooting the cows and pigs lied down across the road; jumping from a 10 meters cliff in Tamul, Mexico; riding a bike through a forest covered with snow in Linköping, Sweden; sleeping in the border's office between Nicaragua and Costa Rica; walking along the interminable sugar cane fields in Guatemala South Coast; and crossing the border between Mexico- Guatemala with a clown who was a military man during the Civil War in Guatemala. 

For me, life has three meanings: to travel, to try new things, and to write about them. I was born in Mexico City. Since I was born, I haven’t stopped moving around. As a major, I got a degree in International Relations. Later on, I got two masters degrees with several scholarships (one of them, Erasmus Mundus in Europe). I have been in most of Europe, Central America, North America, Maghreb and Turkey. I love to begin a trip without knowing its end. I love travel adventures: camping beside rivers which are growing; sleeping in train's stations, or wandering around having nowhere to sleep. I love listening to people's stories. I love to watch movies and to read. My native language is Spanish. I love woofing and hammams. I speak fluently French and English. I study German and Japanese. 

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