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Stone, Sky, Surf: The Many Facets of Samar

My Scholarship entry - Stone, Sky, Surf: The Many Facets of Samar

Philippines | Sunday, 13 January 2013 | 5 photos

Good day! My name is Bernadete Canay, 22 years old. Right now, I am working as a home-based freelance writer. I love reading, playing music instruments and am deeply interested in language, travel, culture and religion.

My interests blossomed when I was still studying in university. During that time, my brother bought his first DSLR camera, a secondhand Canon 300D. I picked up techniques from him and learned on my own. Around the same time, I joined a university-based cultural performance group.

Capturing the various places I have been and people I have met in our tours around the country not only helped me improve how I handled the camera, it also fueled my desire to travel and learn more about cultures and people.Travelling is the ultimate education, something everyone should experience.

At first basic shots sufficed, but soon I started to think of photos in terms of subject, patterns, colors and angles. Soon, taking pictures wasn't simply a matter of capturing a particular time. It was about preserving the experience of the moment.

My dream is to earn a living through photography and writing, things I love to do. This scholarship is the threshold to my dream.

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