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Passport & Plate - Arepa

Colombia | Monday, 2 February 2015 | 5 photos

Water, Corn Flour, salt.
Optional Filling with cheese, seasoning,spices, meat, flavoring in general.


How to prepare this recipe
Mix the flour and the salt and slowing add water and make sure to dissolve with your hands the flour, until it gets the texture where it will not anymore stick in your hands, and then you can add your cheese or filling, make it little flat balls with the filling inside and fry it with oil and weak fire.


The story behind this recipe
I knew I was moving to Canada for a year, and that I would miss my friends and my family, but I needed to give my first solo step on my journey, what I wasn't planning (and this is always the best part of the history) was that on my semester immersion-social-work for the university and the state I would find not only the usual joy and meaning, but love. I fell in love one month before my flight to Canada, and I knew that when I met this girl we both had traveling souls, and we would somehow meet on the road. After 2 months in Canada we cannot help each other but took our economies and buy a flight to Bogota, without knowing much how to do it, we planned everything by our own, we spend 10 days on the city, and every day we would walk on the streets and try the market food. The first thing I ate there was Arepa, by the time my beloved wasn't there yet, (I arrived a day before her), and when she came, everyday we would try one Arepa until we find one as good as the first one I had tried. Today I'm back to Canada and she is back to Brazil, we couldn't find that golden Arepa, but we did spend golden days trying, we are still in love, after the trip we got engaged, and now we got a Brazil (our country) backpacking on the sketch for when I go back.

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