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On the road again have compiled our travelling with Chris around the most wonderful sites in Ecuador..most of my pictures were taken while Chris was getting his best views with his cam..please com and enjoy with us our trip through the jungles, the highalands and interest

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Chris and I'd decided to visit every little town and every volcano in our Honey Moon..we went to Banos..and one of my favorite stories about our trip was that Chris had decided that he needed to be in top of the erupting Tungurahua..he left in a little jeep at 11 at night..of course..he found his way..but when sitting in top of that volcano..everything was dark..and nothing special happened..so...he just returned back..and next morning we went and found the closest place to the volcano. It is a tiny house..Pamela and her husband lived there for almost ten years..rhey doesn't feel scared..they love it..and they sahred with us some of their stories...