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Fiery Rednut up to no good

Trip: Big Ben, The Underground and William Wallace.

There are [8] stories from my trip: Big Ben, The Underground and William Wallace.

Thumbing it

UNITED KINGDOM | Friday, 11 Aug 2006 | Views [1003] | Comments [3]

I packed my rucksack in tandem with a father and son packing their things for another day mountaineering. We got chatting and I explained what I’ve been doing, where I’m going etc etc and that I was going to try to hitch hike for the first time that ... Read more >

Tags: Misadventures

The Amazing Adventures of Ditchgirl

UNITED KINGDOM | Wednesday, 26 Jul 2006 | Views [783] | Comments [4]

If you’re on holidays and you start drinking at 6 in the afternoon you should realize that it is not going to end well.   You still do it though.   After a day walking in the hills with Elli and Marion we decided it was time to get drunk. They ... Read more >

Tags: Misadventures

MacDonald Massacre, no not Ronald

UNITED KINGDOM | Friday, 21 Jul 2006 | Views [1051] | Comments [1]

I left Glasgow a little down as I was not to do the thing I was most looking foreword to in Scotland. I had planned to hike the West Highland Way, which is a six or seven day trek through the western highlands of Scotland. It begins in a village outside ... Read more >

Tags: Adventures

Wordsworth country

UNITED KINGDOM | Tuesday, 11 Jul 2006 | Views [807] | Comments [3]

I strolled off the train at Windermere into some more typical English weather. There was no way it could dampen my spirits though. This was the first place so far that I had really wanted to go to. When traveling I have found that I go to a lot of ... Read more >

Tags: Adventures

Tea and Biscuits

UNITED KINGDOM | Saturday, 15 Apr 2006 | Views [963] | Comments [1]

The British weather really turned it on for the bus trip to Manchester. Cold and rainy again, yes! And, as usual I'm a mixture of emotions. Happy that I'm heading somewhere new and meeting some new people. A bit scared that these people will hate me ... Read more >

Tags: Family

Gallery: United Kingdom

UNITED KINGDOM | Sunday, 5 Mar 2006 | Photo Gallery

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31 and 4

UNITED KINGDOM | Sunday, 5 Mar 2006 | Views [758] | Comments [5]

After the noted lack of drinking in London, I jumped at the offer of a beer from Ian. I am staying with some relatives in Soutport. It's a coastal town just north of Liverpool and Manchester. A really nice place that serves as a a bit of a holiday town ... Read more >

Tags: I should have known better!

The Aftermath of the Devil Child

UNITED KINGDOM | Saturday, 4 Mar 2006 | Views [652]

I wave goodbye to my teary eyed parents and sister after our last meal of subway and sushi. After a short short walk through the duty free aisles I decided not to repeat the five finger discounting that took place on previous overseas trips. Two bottles ... Read more >

Tags: Misadventures