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Good day fellow travel friends and future ones too!  I am so excited to begin sharing what is the passion of my life...Travel!  I enjoy travelling on small road trips from my home in Southern Oregon, adventuring the beautiful Northern Cali and Oregon Coast, majestic Redwood trails, Siskiyou and Cascade mountain ranges...oh there's so much beauty and discovery just in my backyard!  But what I really love to do is knock my socks off by seeing places in the world I used to dream about as a child.  It all started with my fascination of pictures of people in far away places and wondering what they were doing at that exact moment that I was thinking of them.  I made some big promises to myself as a teenager and have slowly been keeping them as I grow older.  I pursued Cultural Anthropology and got a degree in this so that I could learn the cultural appropriateness of enjoying other cultures.  It's a very fine line and I swear it has been a great curse of questioning my yearning for seeking people and places in far off corners of the world.  What I really enjoy doing is traveling with my daughter whom is about to be 13 this year!  I am taking her to SE Asia for her 13th birthday.  One of my most important values that I have sought to instill in my mini me is to show her the skills of traveling, how to be an adventurer.  Be smart, be safe, and be open to what each new day brings.  It's really the best way.  My daughter and I also spent 8 weeks when she was 8 years old in Guatemala.  We volunteered for an awesome non-profit called Long Way Home.  I will write and post some pictures about this experience soon.  Oh there have been so many adventures we have embarked on together, like the time we drove a converted school bus from the east coast to the west coast stopping National Parks, Walmart parking lots, and Wall Drug, South Dakota.  Or the time we backpacked in Southern New Mexico in the Gila Wilderness to Turkey Creek Hotsprings for several weeks when she was just a babe!  So me in a nutshell?  I love to travel, I am trying to figure out how to make a good living at it (aren't we all!), and most of all, I love to share it with my daughter and the love of my life!  Best of all Things!

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