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A tale of freedom

About ataleoffreedom

I am a Brazilian lifestyle photographer who has tried many things in life, however I am always open to new experiences. I’m very curious, extremely social, eager to meet new people and embrace new ways of living.
From an early age I am completely passionate about food. With my mother I learned not only to cook the trivial dishes of Brazilian cuisine but I also learned how to take pleasure in preparing and sharing them with those I care for.
I’ve lived in Sweden for three years and there I was able to improve my gastronomic culture. With the locals I found out that rotten fish can be delicious and that a little bit of spirits is good for the soul.
Back in Brazil, but already bitten by the adventure bug, I moved again, this time to Malaysia where I lived for three more years. The place was so fascinating! The people, their amazing ways of experiencing life and, of course, their gastronomy made me fall in love immediatelly. Funny to remember that I was considered almost a celebrity beause I taught Samba lessons at a friend’s studio. I’ve made many great friends and traveled throughout Southeast Asia.
I’m now back to Brazil and keep traveling whenever I can. Living abroad taught me that to truly know and understand a culture one must experience the delights of preparing food and eating with people.

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