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St Catherine, Sinai, Egypt

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January 1, 2017


Asmaa Maher


During the Past 5 Years and after my father's death, i rolled myself into a deep grief and decided to get away from people, I even decided to get away from my mind and the hell of noisiness in it by diving into my passion "Travel Photography", but 2016 brought all surprises and proved to me that getting to know new people is the perfect healing for my mind. I used to travel alone these past 2 years or with a friend or two, but in this trip i had the most amazing experience ever, i met a group of people who i don't know at all except for a couple or so, but they are now to me another blessing from god after "Gwanny group" who i met early 2016 and my dear colleagues at work who i truly admire.


 Group Photo Alkarm Ecolodge St Catherine


It all started with an invitation by a dear friend to a place called "Alkarm Eco-lodge" in the heart of St. Catherine Mountains, Sinai, Egypt, the place is so primitive with no electricity and network, you are totally isolated from the world and i thought: "hmm, may be this is exactly what I need", a total isolation from the world with a group of people which I don't know, may be I will find some peace by connecting to nature", especially that i had a car accident shortly  before the travel date that seemed not a major one, but for me i saw death in a fraction of a second and i am so grateful that i am still alive with no injuries. The car was seriously damaged but i didn't think about that much, all i thought about at that moment is my family and how they can handle my loss in a glimpse of an eye, my whole life passed in a second in front of my eyes and realizing that "Life is Too Short" to live in fear, sadness and despair made me so much awake, we always say this phrase, but when you can feel it so deep in your bones, it is totally different.


The Trip was so fun and relaxed but when i arrived to the place, I instantly felt disconnected from everything and everyone who i knew during my whole life, even my family and kids, i was like a baby who has just born in this world and doesn't know anything, i even totally forgot about my camera and photography, the feeling was annoying me a little bit, but i said: "Just go with the flow".


 From the Heart of St. Catherine Mountains


" The Night when Fire danced to me"

The next day plan was to hike in the heart of St. Catherine mountains to a place called "Sad Alnoqra" where we can find a small water fall  due to the accumulation of water in certain holes that leads to this fall, i said this will be a perfect shot, I am not a hiker or an athletic person in general, i used to when i was young, but now i am a lazy person when it comes to sports, i was a bit concerned about walking and climbing some rocks especially that i had my equipment on my back and they are seriously heavy with the chronic pain in my neck and left shoulder, but as usual, it was all the fears in my head and it turned out to be one of the most awaking experiences ever in my life, seeing all these people from age 4 till mid forties or may be more walking so energetic, climbing fearless, and listening to our amazing guide "3am Jamil" about the history of the place and all kind of plants and their remedies effects made me feel alive, i started to connect with the place and people and i found my self hiking perfectly, taking some amazing shots and getting along with every person in the group, especially the young kids, they really inspired me very much with their light fun spirit, and instead of enjoying the quietness of the place, i found myself enjoying their loudness, laughter and stories.



 From the heart of the Fall which was empty


 3am Jamil

The Third and last night was challenging to me because we were preparing to leave the next morning and I didn't shoot the photo that i wanted to make due to the weather, the temperature was very low and the harsh life style left me a bit tired physically, but i said again " just live your now, enjoy the company and go with the flow", it was until 8:00 PM, when an amazing young kid, who i know he is gonna be a great man and will make a difference to this world, and who i asked previously to help me in this photo came and said: "come on, the Stars are amazing, lets do this:)))", I got motivated by his enthusiasm which made me drop the warmth of fire and the great company  and said OK lets do it. The next hour was a mixed of serious work in a freezing weather and lots of fun with him and other awesome young boy who both  prepared the whole location for me, made sure that no one will use their flash lights, got me a chair and a mattress to sit on, lighted my foreground, even added some drama to a picture by using the laser beam, i was so happy with their support and their energy more than being happy that i am finally shooting this picture.



 Stars Beam


 Quilt of Stars

I am writing this blog on the 1st Day of 2017, hoping for peace of mind and eliminating all my fears, live happy and do lots and lots of travels, meeting good new people, inspire and get inspired by them, teaching my kids that life is about collecting moments not collecting things. It's not the place that heal your mind and soul, it is how you see things from another perspective, know yourself deeply and live your NOW.





 "Every End is a New Beginning"

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