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Indonesia | Saturday, January 12, 2013 | 5 photos

I like travelling a lot. Understanding living in an archipelago country and my knowledge background yet current job as independent consultant for Marine Resources Conservation, brought me to many places across the nation. Great interest in the coastal areas for both its community and the biodiversity gave me a lot opportunity to see what people haven’t seen before, particularly the view underwater. Taking pictures is encouraged by my best friend. He thought me a little technique on photography and introduced me to the community of photographers and opportunity to enrich my capacity in photography through discussions and photography workshop, although I only put as a note-taker. I learned that I can share my views yet opinion with others through my pictures. Places I visited have huge potential, and documentation also data through pictures helped me a lot to describe on the location and future plans for improvements. I understand that through this scholarship opportunity and learn directly from the expert, will enrich my skills yet capacity not only in photography but more on to voicing the people yet the place to the world in comprehensive and fun way.

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Relax and feel the breeze. One view of sandy beach in Hoga Isle, Wakatobi archip

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