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About archi_adventurer_25

view myself as somewhat of a nomad - an explorer - and adventurer - a discoverer of this beautiful world. I was born in South Africa, a place I truly love, yet my soul is restless in search of new realizations and new understandings.

I want to fill my life with new experiences, chase sunsets, see incredible things, create unforgettable memories and make real connections with along the way people. By profession, I am an architect, a photographer, a teacher : all labels that give an idea of my interests, but don't really encompass my identity. This is still something I am learning and moulding along the way.  



'Place' is not an outline on a map, or a name in a reference book - it is the character of a location - a feeling derived from the energy it excretes. It's intangible -  the indescribable feeling of serenity - or the feeling you get from the sounds and smells of a lively, grimy street. It's the friendliness of a warm smile of a stranger passing by. I believe photography aims to capture this feeling - be it an ephemeral moment, spontaneously eternalized, or an everyday routine, or the movement of the evening stars through a violet evening sky.

I believe that you  if you  look through the right lens, you can uncover beauty everywhere.  I see the world through a view-finder - constantly searching for beauty:  The way the shadows of a palm tree decorate a dirt floor; the chaotic lines balancing at just the right angle, the combination of colours and patterns and perspectives. There is art all around us, and a camera paints the picture.


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