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USA | Saturday, 15 June 2013 | 5 photos

It must be said and acknowledged that I love photography.
Over time a few paths have evolved for me, one for nature and landscapes and the detail of macro photography of flowers. I love nature and landscape photography because it's 'isolating' and 'peaceful' and a way to escape the busy city life.

Photography to me is the ability to capture a moment in time of a place that most people have not seen or experienced and giving them a glimpse of places they may want to visit.

Travelling to many places has shown me how important it is to protect our environment. Through my photography I would like to show the beauty and destruction, so we can make a positive change and protect this beautiful planet for the future.

If I can make people appreciate how important the environment is and how vital it is to protect its beauty through my photography- I feel I would have succeeded in some way to saving a small piece of earth's natural beauty.

As my career is coming to a close I will have all the time in the world to devote to this beautiful craft of photography and I would like to leave a mark on the world with my photos for everyone to enjoy. Greenland get ready - here I come!

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