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My slow and sometimes not-so-sure trip from Peru to Quito, Ecuador

PERU | Wednesday, 25 August 2010 | Views [566] | Comments [1]

Ecuador is beautiful! I don’t know what sort of great geographical difference there is, but it seems greener and cleaner than Peru; and the Andes….toujours impressionant (always impressive).

 *                      *                      *

We are approaching hour-12 of this bus ride. I got into Loja at 6pm and immediately searched for buses and everything was full full full. The prospect of another terminal-night was less-than-pleasing, and I desperately searched for other options. I ended up taking a bus to Cuenca that, if over 25 people needed to go to Quito, it would continue onto Quito. We hit the 25-people-mark, the news to which I responded with a “yoo hoo!”, and we were on our way. 

…well not quite. After the police got on to make sure there weren’t extra people in the aisle, we stopped to pick up extra people who packed into the aisle. There was a young mom and a young dad with three kids, and the mom quickly took up the gracious offer from a random man sitting down to hold her baby. Soon after, the oldest child, perhaps 4 years old, started vomiting, and the smell of fries and salchicha filled the air. I turned in the direction of the old man sitting next to me though he, I suppose much like myself, was no breath of fresh air, and I sat back. Just 12 hours.

The ride to Cuenca was four hours which was fairly calm as a few people got off leaving just 3 or 4 standing in what was left of aisle space. Everyone else took to sleeping in the aisle, including the two older kids (baby now sleeping on the random guy). I woke up at one point and saw a guy who, I thought at the time, was the bus driver, running back with his recent purchase of 2 bottles of beer. Great. In the end, he was just the helper-guy, in which case I hope he drank both and wasn’t “cheers”ing with the bus driver.

We got to Cuenca and dropped off the few Cuenca-bound passengers and continued on in decreasing temperatures. Hat pulled down to my nose, scarf over my nose, blanket over all of me, and wearing all my warm clothing, I was a lump of trying-to-get-warm-ness. At about 4:30am the guy next to me had to get off the bus so I had to shift a bit out of my comfy-cozy position and I realized just.how.cold.it.was!

At about 5am we, without explanation, were made to move to another bus, which was newer, comfier, bigger, cleaner, and much colder. I resumed my previous position, appearing little more than a respiring red blanket.

By 8:30am we arrived in Quito.


Sat night, Huaraz – Trujillo: 10 ½ hours

Sun night, Trujillo – Piura: 6 ½ hours

Sunday, Piura – Loja: 8 ½ hours

Sunday night, Loja – Cuenca: 4 hours

Monday early morning, Cuenca – Quito: 8 ½ hours

Of the 60 hours: 38 hours en bus

                               9 hours in terminals

                               13 hours in Trujillo

                        About $48 for all busses

Que viaje.

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I don't know where you got your spirit of adventure, but I am in awe of your short years how much you have accomplished! Congratulations!!!

  Maria Reiland Oct 7, 2010 3:50 PM

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