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Ventura County: Mosaic Migration

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The Paper King.  James King, aka

The Paper King. James King, aka "King" keeps his eyes on the on- coming traffic to sell what he has sold every week, weather permitting for almost three years; the Sunday paper. Originally from Alabama, growing up in the most turbulent racial movement areas in the South, he eventually headed West to find work and a new life. His week job is a mental health couselor, but he loves to glam it up on Sunday and unload, choosing from one of his 300 ties and sometimes dancing to music while he sells.

The state of California has long been a magnet for those wanting to start a new life.  After migrating here recently myself, I have taken pleasure in meandering through the temperate climate's fields and streets to simply study and photograph the new surroundings and people who's paths have also lead them to Ventura County.  Unlike the glitz and glamour of the Hollywood signs that once consumed my little girl assumption of the golden state, this county, which is over an hour away from that hubbub, is spread with smaller communities and farms that are more similar to my upbringing settings in Iowa.  But the similarities end there. Just like one would find in a large city, I have encountered a broad and rich mosaic of those passing thru or who now call this place home. From some bringing their own flash to others desperately seeking a better life and opportunity, California weather seems to be the only similarity in their livelihoods and avocations. 

I picked up a camera for the first time to location scout for films.   I soon found the most fascinating photos and stories were from the people I would meet while hunting which gave me a larger desire to tell their stories as opposed to the film's.  Finally upgrading from a point and shoot a few years ago and being self taught, I feel I am only beginning to grasp the right blend of technical and creative elements needed to allow an audience to see something as they have never seen it before. I am fascinated by each of the components it takes to create a great photo, including the connection to and understanding of the subject.  I would be extremely gracious and humbled if I got the chance to travel to such a place of beauty and learn from one of the greatest photographers in the world.  

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The Paper King.  James King, aka

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