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Just Beyond the Palm Trees

Hawaii: Just Beyond the Palm Trees

USA | Thursday, July 4, 2013 | 5 photos

Photography is how I illustrate the richness of life. In the beautiful and beastly situations I encounter, the world overflows with spectacular places and brilliant memories. Traveling to peculiar places, I love seeing the world in my camera's lens. Both pastimes have grown together and encourage me to continue learning.
I relish the opportunities to share global culture with others through my snapshots. I use my pictures to blog, tell stories, design postcards, and share wanderlust.
With this scholarship, I will engage in the Greenland experience and find ways to see and share the world differently through my images. This is a tremendous opportunity to learn about photography by observing Jason Edwards and studying how he adds depth to his photos. With this education, I will be able to integrate the richness of life (and lesser-known musk ox facts) visually in my photography.
This is a year of opportunity for me as I am quitting my "day job" and focusing my creative passions of photography, travel, and graphic design in to my small postcard business that I started as a hobby two years ago. This adventure to Greenland will be a defining impetus in my renewed business efforts.

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