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San Francisco

My Photo scholarship 2010 entry

Worldwide | Sunday, 17 October 2010 | 5 photos

I'm Ana, I was born in Buenos Aires, where I currently live. I had the fortune of visiting San Francisco (US), where I took my pictures.

San Francisco was full of diversity and I think that people were very representative of the different aspectcs of the city. On market street, you could find many homeless people. I took the picture of the girl on market street from a bus. She called my attention because although she was really young, she had a grown up expression.

San Francisco was also a very cheerful city that smiled through the mix of modern and victorian architecture and the colors of its houses, like I saw in Haight Ashbury.

People in San Francisco seemed to be very alive and attentive. I was happy to see these fanatic old ladies on their GIANTS sweatshirts on their way to watch the game and also enjoyed finding kind and helpful people that seem to be busy and peaceful at the same time, like the guy with the beard that worked at a glasses shop.

I started studying photography when I was 19 and completely fell in love with photography. I found out a new way of looking at the world and also discovered personal hidden feelings through the images I captured so photography was a beautiful and revealing way of self awareness.

I think that the scholarship would be the perfect chance to discover if I can really do is as a job and not only as a hobby. It will give me the chance to experience how does it really feel to work as a travel photographer and to be in touch with someone that has been doing it for a long time and could share his experience with me.

I have always dreamed of working as a travel photographer and even more as a National Geographic Photographer! Going to Bhutan on assignment with Jason Edwards it would definitely be a dream come true!

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