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CANADA | Monday, 13 October 2014 | Views [205]

Hey everyone..

Well - I was a bit dubious about writing a journal.. Like if it could tell me how many people were reading it, I could use it as an excuse to rate my self worth? But then I got over that quick smart, when I had to think about who i have to contact by email, or facebook, or msg or viber etc and I thought - This putd the ball in your court. If you're interested in reading what I've been upto - Log in... If you're not - I'm deleting you as a facebook friend :)

So - I guess I'm approaching being away for a month this week. I had my fun packed week in New Zealand, with loads of rain, two great chicks, two beautiful dogs and loads of loads of walks in beautiful terrain. We ate super well, drank red wine very well.. Caught up on some movies... Had lots of laughs, were busy the whole time and I loved every minute! Thanks Deb and Emma for treating me like royalty... I'll return to your farm sometime again soon :)

Then it was off on my 24 hrs of flight travel, checking back in, in Oz land so I could call people and use my phone ;), with my "small child" as the girls labelled it.. But surely I needed that many clothes?!! and then onto LA - ushered through there very fast due to my connecting flight.. and onto Toronto. My bags came all the way through, so that was all I needed. I watched movies and slept sporadically.. And ate everytime they handed me something :) Once in Toronto I had to go visit immigration about my working visa... The lovely gentleman typed the info onto his computer, stamped where he needed to and handed me back my passport... WOOHOO! Easy peasy i thought!!! 

I then had to catch a shuttle bus to Owen Sound, where I am currently situated. It's a smallish town on the Bruce Peninsula... "Cottage Country" as the locals call it.. But I very much like it here. The people for starters... I've landed to visit my friend Paula whom i used to work with on the Cruise Ships over ten years ago... She visitied Australia and stayed with my family and i and I am now returning the favour :) Paula is just newly married and has a very newborn baby girl Nora. I feel very priviiged to be here during this time to meet her lovely man and play with baby Nora. Im staying at her parents a little bike ride away and that was just like landing at my parents place.. They have lots of space, are super hospitable and have welcomed me with open arms! I go for morning walks with Henry, checking out the local wildlife and surroundings and I go shopping and help cook and gossip with Barb. Henry is retired and Barb still works a few days a week. 

Paula put out the word to all her friends and neighbours, if they felt sorry for a travelling Aussie, they could invite me to join them doing anything... Anything at all.. She's feeling guilty about "not entertaining me" and I continue to reassure her, I'm just happy being a part of her everyday :)

So one silly, kind victim, put up his hand to take me along to Ottawa last weekend. He had an all expenses trip paid for two.. As he was heading over to a work gala for his 10 year service award. So I thanked my lucky stars this single man decided he could invite a tag along for the journey. Patrick is a keen adventurer and a wonderful tour guide. We took the "long way" and explored the beautiful fall colours. We visitied some of the ski resorts, not in swing yet and also called through Algonquin Park. That was gorgeous and we hired a canoe and went for a paddle on Canoe lake. I tried to mess with Patrick as best I could, telling him I couldn't swim and making him change from back to front in the Canoe in the middle of the lake.. Nothing beats the straddle climb :) I think he started to get my sense of humour.. But its always good to test the waters ;)

We arrived at his friends house that night and I was pooped. Next day we head off into town  to be tourists. We went to Parliament, which was a fun, nice tour. The architecture and decoration were pretty full on. Then it was time to move into the hotel. And then we were off to a NHL game that night. Montreal playing Ottawa. Apparently arch rivals. The place was packed and i was happy to be doing something so very Canadian. We ate Poutine for dinner (Hot chips, covered in Gravy and I had pork too) and drank beer... What an experience ;) The game was fun. Sat was more exploring - We went to the museum of civilization.. And I think that was it for that day, being a tourist really seemed to tire me out. Patrick already had a date for his gala dinner (Thank God - because we all now how much I love and adore having to get fancied up!) So I went out to the market area and met up with a few of his friends for drinks. They are awesome people who welcomed me with open arms and chuckled every time I spoke ;) We had a great night out on the town and I probably went a bit harder than I have for awhile, perhaps forgetting my age and my lack of drinking experience in quite some time?

Oh well... It made for a fun trip to the national art gallery the next day, when I sort of just felt like shit! I did appreciate the art though and they had a display from world war 2 with heaps of aussie photos leant for the display. And then it was time to drive the 8 hours home.. A fun whirlwind experience. Thanks very much Patrick!

So, I've had another week in owen Sound.. I spent one day working for the neighbour in the garden.. Chopping, clearing and raking leaves. That was my first "job" since I've been here. I got a little sick in the belly this week, so have been laying a little low and not trying anything too outrageous. The Havekes hospitality has still been oozing out and I know I am being very spoilt. I went for a mountain bike ride with Garrette (Paula's husband) last week, loved it. It's gotten cold, but we've had two days of sunshine here this weekend, so that makes me very happy. Barb and Henry have gone away this weekend, so I am "home alone" - spent my sunday washing, vacuuming, baking, writing this and I'll go for a walk later. Nothing much changes no matter where you are in the world. Thats just how I like spenbding my sundays :)

On Friday I went for my first drive on the other side of the road. Out to a Mennonite community. Very interesting. Very primitive existence. Horse and Cart.. No power etc. We went out to get some wood and Henry said I was a very good driver! There is a local film festival just starting up this weekend, so I went along to that too. Saw a great movie by a dutch film maker on Friday - Journey to the end of the earth - I think.. It was very good - Have a look if you're interested in arctic documentaries. And then last night was short films entered by local film makers. It was great. Yesterday Paula and I went to Sauble Beach... An inland beach on the edge of an inland lake... There were waves and everything :) We ate turkey tacos from a double decker bus and I had a good look around a super recycled clothing store! Then we drove the coast road home.. The scenery up here is just stunning.

So I guess that brings me upto date. I'm sure most of you nodded off somewhere during my chat about NZ! Im in the process of looking for work. I was thinking about heading far west - 'cause I am literally scared of what winter could bring and do to me :( I still have some people to visit over this side before I move on, and then I found some great websites about outdoor and organic farming jobs.. Some of those are closer to Toronto. I have also joined WWOOF Canada, but I'm hoping to get paid work for winter and then WWOOF next year. I have been reading about a few great volunteer programs up near the arctic too.. So I'm just doing a heap of reading and thinking and sending off of resumes at the moment :)

I think about you all often. I miss you. I'm excited about the opportunites that lay in front of me. Thanks for reading :)

I will attach some photos later once I've transferred from my phone :)

Peace, Love and Happiness - Amy xxxoooxxxooo






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