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My Scholarship entry - A soulful experience from rural hinterland

India | Wednesday, 3 July 2013 | 5 photos

People call me by the name of ‘Amit Kagra’ but I see myself as an ORGANIZED NOMAD. Having travelled across hinterland of the country, I discovered a passion for travel and appreciating different cultures.
I seek this scholarship because I would very much like to Challenge myself, my body/mind by getting outside the comfort zone. Would love to go to a place where man uses basic mode of transportation i.e. his legs and appreciate sense of living in a community.
I would love to move out from the digital fortress (even if for few days) that we have built around us and explore the nature in its truest and most purest form.
To me anything and everything is worth capturing though a lense, all depends how we reflect on that moment/situation. Greyscale visual depicts lot of celebration and emotions when compared to the normal color scale. It’s like a theatre with so much happening at the moment of capturing the shot.
I would try to re-learn the image making process, right where the action is. I would like to capture elements of nature as they are without any effects. Also my aim is to try and showcase the real picture of the community, their joy and sorrow.

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