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Siwa, Egypt.

Siwa, Egypt.

While we live in a big world, one soul, one breath, one target, and one message, it will be many thoughts that concentrate in  many sides of life and the side between life losers and winners. In this concept of living we decided to tell a story about people in deferent cultures in the universe. It's our passionate with videograpghy and our believe in life's message in all it's directions, we hope to present more and more with vision reflections of our country and get the chance to merge this hobby within life and profession as an egyption architects, this's one of the main reasons that push us to search a something like WorldNomads and such workshops that would be helpful in discovering new talents and thoughts between people in our world society with exchanging other cultures, so we decided to participate in searching for more identities and ideas within souls all over the world. It's also kind of curiosities in deep mind all inspire us in the idea of changing perspectives, it's simple amazing how could look at what you have in a different way. We like to study, learn, love, help and move, always want to detect the proplem and get a solutions, it's human nature seeks for surviving which keep him alive. We have to rule the world searching for memories giving back to our country Egypt.

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