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Killorglin & Ireland's Oldest Faire

My Scholarship entry - A 'place' I have visited

Ireland | Monday, January 14, 2013 | 4 photos

I tend to shoot more intuitively than technically. I know the basics, but exposure, ISO and focus are my go-to functions for when I’m wandering around. This might be because I’ve only taken a couple photography classes. It might be that I come from a Fine Arts background and view my camera in the same way I’d view a paintbrush; as a tool. Part of this might be that I only have one lens and I try to use it for macros, portraits, landscapes, night shots and as a really sad telephoto lens. It might also be that I just have a hell of a lot to learn.
I'm both a fast learner, and a visual learner. I often self teach, but there is a limited amount I can improve without a trained eye to pick out my mistakes and to help me fix them.
Aside from my desire to learn and improve, I also need to see. Rather, I need to get out of my cloistered world view and see more, experience more. I’ve travelled exactly once, by myself and within the last year. It was so much more than I’d imagined. There was a sense of place and an expanse of time behind the existing culture; an immensity to everything which doesn’t exist in America. It altered my view, my photography and my need to do it again.

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