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My Photo scholarship 2010 entry

Indonesia | Wednesday, October 13, 2010 | 5 photos

So far, I have not found a reason to not adore the land we step on, the space we gaze upon, the beings we live with and all the genuine interactions within.

In every point of this mighty world, there are specifics. Each of our human senses captures a distinct detail. And all individuals capture their own particular facet.

My name is Alvin Hermanto, an Indonesian born, living in Melbourne, Australia.

Batavia is the old Dutch Colonial name for Jakarta. Jakarta has witnessed most of the core transformation in the country. It may well be political, economical, environmental or cultural. After going through the period of the Dutch, the Japanese, the Nationalists, the New Order and the Reformation, some stays the same, some changes.

Jakarta is an amazing city full of contrasts. Next to an old building from the 18th century, there will be a new modern building. Next to a poor beggar, there will be a rich kid with his hi-tech gadgets. Next to an expensive car, there will be a hard labour worker doing his job.

In short, Jakarta is a city full of 'surprises'. Surprises that you just don't get in a place as lovely as Melbourne, Australia. Looking at it in different perspective, visiting a city like Jakarta, makes us appreciate more. At least that's what Jakarta did to me.

It makes me appreciate my life more and more, that I am intending to dedicate myself to development projects and assignments for the good of others.

Photojournalism is by far one of the best mediums that allows me to witness and document joy, pain, triumph and misery. With hopes that it can impact myself and others in any possible way.

This opportunity will be very valuable to a person like myself and I kindly thank you for the chance given to all of us applicants.

Kind Regards,
Alvin Hermanto

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