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Peregrinations Mexico and Central America on Motorcycle: Open road, open heart, open mind.

New adventures, new blog

USA | Friday, 28 Mar 2014 | Views [1195]

Quick update: for those of you who haven't yet made their way to my new blog, check it out at www.uneventenor.com   I'm embarking on my grandest adventure to date, to follow my travel hero, Richard Halliburton, around the world.  Who is Richard ... Read more >

Photos: Weeks 27 & 28: Panama City

PANAMA | Wednesday, 28 Sep 2011 | Photo Gallery

The End
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Weeks 27 & 28: Panama, aka The End

PANAMA | Wednesday, 28 Sep 2011 | Views [2180] | Comments [8]

Have I really not written since I arrived in Panama? I suppose with the end of the trip looming ever closer, it didn't seem so important. Of course, now that I have some downtime, I realize I've got a lot to catch up on, like usual.  I last wrote ... Read more >

End-of-the-trip motorcycle gear review

PANAMA | Sunday, 25 Sep 2011 | Views [3490] | Comments [3]

Today I pulled all my gear apart, cleaned everything (including the bike), and took full stock of what gear survived the past 9,500 miles and 6 1/2 months of overland motorcycle travel, and what fell apart. Also, with far more experience under my belt ... Read more >

Tags: equipment, gear, motorcycle, overland, reviews, travel

Week 26: Ditching the Comfort Zone in Corcovado

COSTA RICA | Monday, 19 Sep 2011 | Views [2010] | Comments [1]

On the morning of September 15, 2011, in the dusty pueblo of Sierpe, I looked my Comfort Zone in the eye and said, "Thank you very much for the past six months, it's been lovely, but I must move on now." We shook hands rather formally (I ... Read more >

Photos: Week 26: Corcovado

COSTA RICA | Sunday, 18 Sep 2011 | Photo Gallery

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Week 25: South to Costa Rica!

COSTA RICA | Wednesday, 14 Sep 2011 | Views [1462]

In the past week, an unprecedented change of pace has taken over my life. From the beach life on LCI to the mudpits of the Nicoya Peninsula, from the familiarity of my Little Corn family to the mayhem of traveling with three other motorbikes...there's ... Read more >

Photos: Week 25: South to Costa Rica!

COSTA RICA | Tuesday, 13 Sep 2011 | Photo Gallery

Returning to the bike, south through Nicaragua, across the border, and the Nicoya Peninsula
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Month Six: Little Corn Island Part II

NICARAGUA | Monday, 12 Sep 2011 | Views [2017] | Comments [2]

So much has happened in the past few days that I want to catch you all up on, but I can't regale you with those shenanigans until I catch you up on the past month. Catching you up on a whole month of events? Yeah, right. Especially when those events ... Read more >

Photos: Month six: Little Corn Island con't

NICARAGUA | Sunday, 11 Sep 2011 | Photo Gallery

The end of my two-month stint in Caribbean paradise
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Weeks 19 & 20: Little Corn Island part 1

NICARAGUA | Thursday, 28 Jul 2011 | Views [2938] | Comments [7]

As I was saying, I had a boat to catch. Getting to Little Corn Island (LCI from here on out) can either be very simple and a bit pricey, or very complicated and quite cheap. Either you fly from Managua to Big Corn Island, or you go overland ... Read more >

Photos: Weeks 18-23: Nicaragua!

NICARAGUA | Wednesday, 27 Jul 2011 | Photo Gallery

Mainland and Little Corn Island
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Week 18 – Mainland Nicaragua

NICARAGUA | Wednesday, 27 Jul 2011 | Views [1409]

I last left you at the border between Honduras and Nicaragua. To say that a lot has happened between now and then is a massive understatement. I had one of the most exciting weeks of riding on my trip, punctuated with meeting heaps of fun and interesting ... Read more >

Photos: Week X: El Salvador and Honduras

EL SALVADOR | Thursday, 7 Jul 2011 | Photo Gallery

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Week X: El Salvador, Honduras and Dengue Fever

HONDURAS | Wednesday, 6 Jul 2011 | Views [1821] | Comments [3]

Something is wrong with the way I'm numbering my weeks, but without my journal in front of me I am unable to fix it, so we shall call this Week X. Suffice to say, I left Guatemala over a week ago, and have had a slew of adventures since.  First ... Read more >

Week 15: Xela

GUATEMALA | Tuesday, 28 Jun 2011 | Views [2748]

After debating whether or not to go to Xela, I drove here last week from San Pedro on a beautiful, clear, sunny morning. The skies were blue, the volcanoes green, and the pavement black. Not a bad combination. The road leading up out of San Pedro was ... Read more >

Photos: Week 15: Xela

GUATEMALA | Monday, 27 Jun 2011 | Photo Gallery

Xela (Quetzaltenango)
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Week 14-ish: Mirador, Semuc Champey and San Pedro

GUATEMALA | Tuesday, 21 Jun 2011 | Views [1830] | Comments [1]

First of all, I have officially been on the road for longer than 100 days! Wow! And I have just over 6,000 miles of travel behind me. Recently I've been overwhelmed with how lovely and beautiful this trip has been. I'm absolutely in love with riding ... Read more >

Photos: Week 14 (?): Semuc Champey and Lago Atitlan

GUATEMALA | Tuesday, 21 Jun 2011 | Photo Gallery

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Weeks 12 : Welcome to Guatemala!

GUATEMALA | Wednesday, 15 Jun 2011 | Views [2104] | Comments [2]

Oh, I'm so far behind on writing! This is going to be a [not-so] quick and [very] dirty summary of the past two weeks of adventure! I last left you in San Cristobal, having reunited with some traveling friends. After San Cristobal, we cruised on over ... Read more >

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