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Mahakam Ulu, a New District along Mahakam River

My Scholarship entry - Secrets of East Kalimantan

Indonesia | Wednesday, 5 November 2014 | 4 photos

Hi, my name is Aloycia (21). I am a Communication Science’s student majored in Journalism who love Traveling and Photography. I love traveling since I was little. People may have said that traveling is a way to relax and enjoy something, but for me traveling is a way to learn something and gather experiences.

I'm a person who always interested about the process of doing something than the final result. Many people think that I am a little bit crazy, but I'm someone who loves to take risk in, even when I know I will lose something important in my life. For me, every risk that I take will lead me to better even best place in my life.

I have learned photography on my own since I was 16. I love taking photos about everything, but in different perspective of others. My goal is to create photos that can talk to people. Lately, my attention was focused about nature and wildlife. I always considered about nature because I grew up in a region where one of the world’s lungs are. That’s why I always want to learn more even more about photography because I want to produce photos that can save people hope and life for the better future of our nature.

Best regards,
Aloycia Devi Haran

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