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The Saga continues... a continual expedition and exploration of the perfectly imperfect events that occur from the day to day to the monumental! Enjoy the little things...

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My name is Allison Johnson...Born and raised in tampa, florida...ever since i was born my mother groomed me to become "successful" recently, her views of success and mine have taken two very different paths. i attend the university of south florida for a few years, it was not want i was meant to be doing. I am currently in school as a paramedic, and as soon as i finish i want to start living. this first journal is the saga...mainly due to the fact that my life has always been imperfectly perfect adventures all streaming together which has lead me to where i am today...my first journey that i want to lay claim to is "finding myself"...
          becasue i want to discover who i am, not what society and others want me to be...I live by my own rules, and i break those too; so what makes you think i will live by yours? be unique or don't; thats the beauty in it all.

My first step...finding a new name...my name...

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