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Emperor Constantine's city of Niš Former Naissus, present-day Niš, is one of the oldest towns in Europe. It was built towards the end of 1 BC and it is a city where Emperor Constantine founder of Christianity was born and raised.

Emperor Constantine city of Niš

Serbia | Tuesday, June 18, 2013 | 4 photos

I live in a country that is still in transition and is still recovering from the consequences of war and NATO bombing. And just from last year Serbian citizens can travel without a visa abroad, but many people still can not travel outside Serbia, because they have no money. The Serbian government rarely financing projects in this field and because this is a unique opportunity for me.

Travel Photography Scholarship is a great opportunity to meet new people, culture, places and to photograph all that. It will be a valuable experience that will mean a lot in my career and further training. I hope to come in Greenland to new ideas and knowledge and apply them in Serbia in my future work.

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