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My Scholarship entry - A 'place' I have visited

Cuba | Monday, 14 January 2013 | flickr photos

Once I was walking through Bogota's downtown and I told my boyfriend how much I liked an old building, then he said: You will love Cuba. That remained in my head for months. When finally everything was setted for the trip, I decided not to look for pictures of Cuba, not even to hear the bad commentaries from many people, but to go "blind" to understand, to see the things by my own. The very moment I saw from the plane the island I realized I was there. Despite the differences Cuba is an amazing place, but only for “different kind of looking at things” I say. Vintage, heritage, the way people transform the surrounding, nice people, educate people, security, “time taking it’s time” and then Revolution. It resulted kind of sad for me realize how few friends I could recommend to go there, because I had just a few of them with the capability to see beyond the regular “ugliness”, but Im pretty happy and sure that a lot of the readers of this journal could even smell the places of the 5 pics I selected from one of the most inspiring visits I’ve ever done.

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In general, cuban people is kind of fascinating... The contrast between old and young people is enormeous... But, what looks really interesting about old people, result to me to be the objects they carry with and the clothes the wear, almost in everyone of them is reflected the influence of foreing countries related with the socialism back then.

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