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Hong Kong - the streets of food

About albe

Hello, I'm Alberto and I live in Bologna, Italy. I love to pack my bags and go somewhere. It can be camping in the nearest mountain or taking a train and go backpacking somewhere in Europe. I'm a student and I'm finishing my course in Literature at the University of Bologna.
National Geographic has been in my house since I was a child and I can still remember the yellow stacks of the magazine on the table of the living room and the amazing photos on the cover. Maybe that is where my passion for photogaphy started. I love photography because it allows me to share with people my willingness to remember a moment and let them see my view of the world. I love taking eyecathing pictures and I think a day with a good photo taken is a day worth living.
Beside that I like traveling because i want to get glimpses of other people lives and habits. Ones life is too short for trying everything but at least you can experience nearly everything through people's stories and I want to do that as much as possible! And what job better than photographer for doing that? The opportunity World Nomads is giving is amazing for a young photographer willing to learn how a pro moves on the ground and get his work done. Doing that traveling in a region whose open spaces I can only imagine is the best!

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