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My Scholarship Entry 2012 - Camping Trip from Zambia to South Africa

My Scholarship entry - A 'place' I have visited -Camping Tour to Botswana and South Africa

Botswana | Saturday, January 12, 2013 | 5 photos

It can be hard to transcribe feelings and life-changing experiences by telling others anecdotes, with words only. Through pictures one also shares vibes, emotions and stories, those that you do not learn in books, tourist guides or on TV news.
I am no photographer, I am just passionate about life. With my camera I feel I can share reality and become a true witness of different landscapes and lifestyles. Travelling and camping through Africa was a life-changing experience, connecting me back to ancestral roots one forgets too fast when lost in an everyday routine. My travel pictures are a constant reminder that the world is much broader than what we tend to believe.
I care about angles, I care about colours, I care about sceneries. I love architecture, I love people, I love light, I love everything that tells a story that is far away from my own. Taking a nice shot can be easy; taking one that fits what you feel in your guts is another level of work and commitment. I do not use filters and I know I have much to learn on technique. The scholarship would give me however a unique opportunity to learn from professionals and to share my vision of photography and travel.

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