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THAF Internship Don't count down the days, make every day count.

About addison90

Well I'm Stacey Addison, 23 years old from the UK.

I'm heading back to St Lucia, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa as the THAF Intern for African Impact. I will be fundraising, planning events and making people more aware about the amazing things that African Impact and The Happy Africa Foundation do in the local areas around St Lucia.

After only volunteering with African Impact in May of this year for 3 weeks, my life has took a huge and exciting turn! Within days of being home I had been offered the THAF Internship and was booking my flights back to South Africa and handing in my notice at the company I have worked for since I was 19. Knowing it was time for a change before I left for South Africa in May I never really thought my life would be changing so quickly!

I'm extremely excited to be going back and start this amazing 6 month opportunity full of new challenges and getting stuck in to the local community once again.

I'm looking forward to keeping you up to date on all the exciting new things that are happening in St Lucia and the changes that are being made in the local communities by the dedicated and passionate staff and volunteers at African Impact, St Lucia!!!

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